Good Things to Know About Sessions

Good Things To Know About Your Session:

I really like to keep things very chill.  This enables me the chance to get the most natural expressions and also allows for all involved to have lots of fun.  I ask that you please don’t come to your scheduled session in a hurry to get somewhere else.  I would rather you reschedule if you are going to be in a time crunch.  Reason being is that I don’t limit you to an hour or 30 minutes or whatever, I take as long as it takes to get what I am looking to get.  Most of the time we can finish up in an hour to an hour and a half.  However, many times we are having so much fun, I lose track of time.

For Family Sessions:

I really like to capture your family interacting together as you always do.  I like to call it positioned candid’s, where I will tell you the general area best for lighting and maybe help you to arrange yourselves a little bit but then, I want families to “just be”.  We will do the 100% positioned family portrait where everyone is looking and any other ideas you may have.  I also tell my families to bring things that are sentimental to you.  Or bring things to do: EX- if you have a family with young children, bring bubbles or a ball to toss, water balloons in the summer, books, their favorite toy or “lovey”.  If you have a family with older children you may want to bring a football or any kind of ball and have a catch, if you play a musical instrument-bring it!

For Baby/Children Sessions:

Again, I like for you to bring things that are sentimental to you.  Even if you think it would make a horrible picture I would love to incorporate anything you would like into the session.  You will be surprised at how much you will love it, even if you do think it’s ugly.  I do have props that I will bring along that I think might entice your child or children to play or something that I think would make a fantabulously awesome of awesomeness shot!  But, I can not stress to you how important it is to bring things from home that are sentimental or any kind of prop you want me to use in the session.  And I mean anything, pets, grandma’s quilt, your old toy from childhood that you saved for your children, an old rocking chair that’s been in the family forever, ugly stuffed animals that have special meaning(these make awesome pictures), dress-up clothes, you have it and love it you bring it.  Lastly please come with water, and snacks for the kids as they tend to work for food.

For Newborn Sessions:

Newborn sessions are sessions of another kind!  They are all different.  Don’t think you will keep your baby on his or her new schedule.  The first thing I tell parents of newborn babies is that they get VERY hungry when I am working with them.  Hey, modeling is hard work.  You may think, well I just fed her 30 minutes ago.  Well, they will want to eat  A LOT; or most of them anyway.  I have had some sleep through the session like a little sleeping beauty or prince charming, but not often.  Newborn sessions can take up to 3-3.5 hours.  I come to your home unless you prefer to come to mine.  However, for newborn sessions, mom’s are usually most comfortable at home while still recovering, and it’s more memorable in the future as well.  I recommend that you have any sentimental items you would like included in the session.  If you would like your baby to have cute hats, bows, headbands or anything of the like; I recommend for ordering really cute things like that.

Lifestyle (Birthday parties, Family Gatherings, Labor & Delivery)

I offer sessions for many different kinds of events.  All event sessions come with a thumb drive of all your digital images as well as a book of all of your images with an easel on the back.  When you book your session, 50% of the session fee is to be paid at the time of booking.

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