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First, welcome to SugarSnapps Photography!  I feel so honored that you are taking the time to read a little about me.  I am Amy, the snapper of sugary moments, and some sour ones too.  I’m going to list a few things first.  It just seems easier that way.

• Jesus is my main man,  I love him and talk with Him all the time and even before every session. He is who works through me to capture your special moments.

• I am a wife to my one in a million Tom, a mama to my three children, and the snapper of sugary, silly, sweet, peaceful, love filled moments; and the occasional sour ones too.

• I’m not your average photographer- I like to do things differently.  I am sappy, silly, nerdy, and I love sentimental things that my clients include in their images.  I feel like your photo session should be special and memorable.  It’s not just to come and sit together as a family smiling nicely and sitting pretty with legs crossed and heads tilted; GAG!  It should be family interacting and doing things you love to do together, playing, laughing, joking, eating, and bickering (yes, those looks, the pouts, the tears and frowns and little aggravations between siblings or just with a stubborn wee one will one day be enjoyed and laughed at when you go back and look at them).

• I try not to use very many props of my own- I love to use what you have, something special, sentimental, something from your childhood or just something you love.  It makes your images just that much more special years down the road when you go back and look at your pictures.  You will most likely still have that special thing that was in the picture and that just makes great memories years down the road.  I do have a few props that I use now and then, and mostly when they are requested.

• I love lifestyle photography!  I like the real stuff.  After all that is what you will want to remember and the pictures you will treasure the most in years to come.  When I think about the pictures that I treasure most of my childhood; they are the ones that give me a glimpse into my life then, me with my mom and dad, seeing the love, seeing the messy faces I used to have, the pouty crying face, and all of those special moments.  This is the same now for my preference of pictures of my own three children.

• I like for “my families” to create memories during our session and have fun with each other.

• I do like to do “the-really-pretty-put-it-on-canvas-pictures” as well-  I still make them as sappy as I can using the fun sentimental things brought to the session by the one being photographed.  And I like the lifestyle moments framed as well, in fact I LOVE it!

I’m so glad you found, stumbled or searched your way here!  I hope that we will meet one day so I can capture some special moments for your family.  Until then, may you have many blessings!

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