New Year, New Home, New Town, New Logo!


Well, I’ve decided that a new year needs a new logo and whole new start.  Since we moved I figured there’s no better time than now!  I have been in the process of streamlining everything so that it will be easier for you!  That includes new proofing, new payment gateway, new blog and a NEW LOGO!  I know, I’ve had a new logo like three times.  It’s ridiculous but I just can’t quite get it how I like it.  Either that, or I just like to change it up because I get bored with it.  Who knows!?  I figure I’ll change the colors with the seasons!  Anyway, a fresh start with a new look makes me feel refreshed and renewed.

With this new site, you will be able to download price sheets, what to wear information, what to expect during your session, package plans, you will have new improved proofing available with an easy payment gateway.  You will be able to request a session, send me some love, ask a question, anything your heart desires!  This new blog will also be oh so snazzy!  This is also the place you will find your sneak peeks and all of my other wonderful, interesting and enlightening blog posts!

Until later!  I’m tired!  My kids have worn me down to a nub!

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