A Surprise Photo Session

So, the other day I surprised my very dear and beautiful friend Wendy with a photo session.  I didn’t want to tell her or any of her 4 boys ahead of time.  I wanted to capture them.  Them, as they are everyday.  Wendy as a mom of 4 boys.  The boys dressed as they do on every other ordinary day.  There is some kind of magic in an ordinary day captured with a surprise.  Most people would be like, oh I need figure out what I want the kids to wear, and I need to figure out what I’m going to wear.  Most people when they plan a photo session want all the outfits to coordinate.  I’m all with that and for that, however, not for this session.  I wanted to thank her for being such an inspiration to me, for her hosting our home school co-op science group every single month at her home, letting the kids all eat there, and us moms.  The kids were loud, and wild at times, they got messy on more than one occasion.  So messy that I had to make my oldest son take a shower there before I would let him in the car.  LOL  But boy, have they all had fun together and so have us moms!

This photo session, I wanted special.  I wanted the boys to be excited about what we were doing once I told them.  And they were SO excited!  Wendy oozes with grace, calmness, fun, and love.  Being a mom is not easy, let alone a homeschool mom to 4 boys.  It’s chaos.  A lot.  I know because I have 3 kids too.  It’s exhausting, and trying, but oh so rewarding.  I wanted to create a memory for them.  LOTS of them.  This session was not about being matchy matchy and looking perfect with hair brushed and make-up on.  No, that isn’t the way it is on an ordinary day in the life of a mom with 4 boys who are home all. day. long. everyday.  It’s about experiencing life everyday to the fullest in whatever you have on; with big adventures through mud puddles, the woods with whatever the day brings even if it’s an adventure to the emergency room for staples in your head after running in the house with friends.  Yes, that last part did happen one day!

Wendy, I love you and I hope you love these pictures and will treasure them for they capture what everyone was like on an ordinary day where we were “supposed to be doing an experiment” kind of day.  It was a FUN day indeed!!



































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    John May 13, 2014

    Amy it’s John. What an amazing blessing this was for Wendy!!! Thank you so much for the friend and inspiration you are to my wife. This is a gift we will treasure forever.

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