McNay Family

I had the pleasure of capturing some special memories for a wonderful family.  This was my second time photographing this family and this last time I was reminded just how much fun this family is.  This sweet couple had told me that they shared their first kiss on a bridge, so I thought we would reenact kiss!  Only with 4 kids added to the foreground!  I had so much fun and I hope they had equally as much fun!

I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in just a year and added one more little bit to the bunch!

This is from our first session together!

_ACM7612-EditHere are the kids on our session just last week!

_ACM7597-EditAnd the whole family having fun!

_ACM7667-Edit _ACM7620-Edit _ACM7758-Edit _ACM7778-Edit _ACM7810-Edit _ACM8067-Edit _ACM8009-Edit-Edit _ACM7985-Edit _ACM7867-Edit _ACM7834-Edit



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