Soccer Soon to End

What a fantastic experience this has been!  This was Brayden’s first time playing soccer on a team.  In the past he has played baseball, and basketball, but I must say this has been his all time favorite.  This team and the coaches have been wonderful!  We couldn’t have asked for a better team, coach, or experience.  We have met some fantastic new friends and we are very excited to play soccer again in the fall or basketball and hopefully we can continue to see all of the wonderful families we have met along the way!

*Parents, if you would like to download the picture feel free, just right click the image and it will let you download it! I hope you love them!*

Disclaimer- I did not intend to take more pictures of certain kids more than others.  I was just shooting where the action was.  There were a few players on the team who were just right where the action was happening every time I had my camera with me. If I didn’t get your child I apologize as it was not intended to be that way.  I was actually taking the pictures for my son’s memory book, not for the purpose of taking pictures of every child on the team.  I just happened to get some awesome action shots and I thought I would share them with all of you!

_ACM1935-Edit _ACM1939-Edit _ACM1943-Edit _ACM1953-Edit _ACM1956-Edit _ACM1965-Edit _ACM1971-Edit _ACM1973-Edit _ACM1985-Edit _ACM2004-Edit _ACM2008-Edit _ACM2019-Edit _ACM2048-Edit _ACM2053-Edit _ACM2054-Edit _ACM2065-Edit _ACM2088-Edit _ACM2090-Edit _ACM2105-Edit _ACM2107-Edit _ACM2109-Edit _ACM2110-Edit _ACM2121-Edit _ACM2124-Edit _ACM2125-Edit _ACM2131-Edit _ACM2132-Edit _ACM2135-Edit _ACM2136-Edit _ACM2152-Edit _ACM2153-Edit _ACM2161-Edit _ACM2163-Edit _ACM2192-Edit _ACM2215-Edit _ACM2217-Edit _ACM2221-Edit _ACM2821-Edit _ACM2836-Edit _ACM2842-Edit _ACM2849-Edit _ACM2855-Edit

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