Good times to hire a photographer~

I thought I would write a post about the times we often wish we had a photographer with us.  I know as a photographer and a mommy, I am the one always behind the lens.  There are times when I don’t want to be behind the lens, that I want to “be present” for my family.  Because, when I’m behind the lens, I am really not present; as I get totally wrapped up in capturing what is going on instead of interacting and enjoying my kids and husband or family.  Anybody else feel that way!?

I’ve spent many hours of thinking, planning, researching, talking to people, and thinking about this business as a photographer, and why I love it so much.  I am not your average photographer.  I’m a little goofy, I like the “real life” pictures not the posed.  Don’t get me wrong, I love posed pictures as much as the next person, but what drives me is capturing those unplanned moments that end up being so priceless when frozen.  At the time it may seem so mundane, but when you look back and see the giggles, or the pouty faces, the excitement, the messy hair and faces, muddy feet, the true-ness of the moment, it’s just magical.  I want to capture those pictures that not only look great framed on your wall, but more importantly those that are looked at time and time again and remembered for what special memory it brings.

I’ve compiled a list of great times to hire a photographer, and some of these I borrowed from another fellow photographer in Omaha Nebraska who doesn’t know it but she seems is A LOT like me from what I gather when reading her blog.  I enjoy her blog posts!  Her name is Lacy Marie.  Look her up!

When to Hire a Professional Photographer…

1.) When you want to document an important event or day-

Such as a birth(There aren’t many events more important than that!),  graduation party, children’s birthday parties(I mean what mom or dad can pull off a birthday party and take pictures and be involved with the birthday boy/girl and guests?) weddings…

2.) When you have accomplished something-

Such as crossing the finish line, your child learning to ride a bike, a first car, …

3.) When you want something to be extra special-

Such as a proposal (don’t worry the photographer hides), a surprise party, just a sweet family play date to capture the essence of your family frozen in time forever, a trip to the zoo…

4.) When your life changes.

Such as beating cancer(this calls for a BIG FUN celebratory photo session with lots of really really big laughs), you adopt a baby/child,  after a weight loss, bringing home baby, getting the kids a new puppy, kitten or first pet of any kind…

5.) When you want to hold on to a moment.

Such as  your babies smile or fist steps, a family member who is preparing for the journey to Heaven, the way your daughter’s hair is always in her face, a mud puddle party with your boys that may or may not involve frogs,  your fun on the beach with your kids, a first hair cut, a day in the life of ________ session, pictures with your special furry family members. . .

To wrap up this post, I thought I’d post some funny and just plain cute pictures of my kids from our last trip to Disney World, LAST, year!

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