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Little Boys Will Be Little Boys

So, this photo session was such fun, even though their mom would probably disagree.  Most parents get stressed out wanting their kids to sit and smile.  However, little boys will be little boys.  My thoughts are, brothers are awesome.  Little boys are so carefree.  And these little boys are very very cute.  I pray that these boys will be best friends for life.  They have such a zest, and curiosity for the simple things.  It’s such a joy to watch them play with reckless abandon.  They wrestle and tumble over each other like little puppies.  And that’s exactly what little boys are like- puppies.  The will pee where ever they shall pee, they will strut around in their “man-hood” or “boy-hood” ever so proudly, running, racing, tumbling, laughing and fighting with each other.  They were so loving with each other at the same time in brief moments.  I love observing them playing and talking with each other.  We played with sticks, searched for bugs, picked up and observed a cricket, ran over the bridge many times and threw rocks and sticks into the creek.  They played their hearts out; not wanting to look at boring lil me but that is fine.  They were in the moment and playing so hard.  They were being their true selves.  I love the pictures that were captured because it captures who they are and what they are like at this age.

Life would be so grand if everyone could live life with such energy for happiness, trust, faith, and love of life in the moment, just like children do.  If we had that energy for life and happiness, trust and faith in God can you imagine what our world would be like?  Maybe Heaven.  That must be why God says in Matthew 18:3 ”Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”















Mother’s Day is approaching!

So, I’m trying to do a special Mother’s Day mini’s day.  Try and say that three times!  This will be a morning or afternoon with 30 minute time slots.  It will be a very special session with surprised involved.  This can be for anyone who is a mom of any age.  If you have a mom and would like to do this session with your mom come on!  If you are a mommy and would like to do a special session with your little one or all your little one’s who gave you the name Mom, Mama, Momma, Mommy come on!  If you are husband/dad and would like to set up a special session as a Mother’s Day gift, come on!  These will be unlike any other session I’ve ever done.  If I can pull it off, I will be doing a Father’s Day Mini session day as well.  Here is a perk:

If you want to do the mother’s day special session, and you would also like to do the Father’s day session as well you will receive a free set of accordion wallet book albums one for the Mother’s Day session and one for the Father’s Day session.  You will also receive a coupon code for 25% off the total of your print purchase.

Those aren’t the only things included in the session.  I will have some special surprises at the session too!  You will also get a thumb drive with all your images from the session along with the print release.  These sessions are sure to be SUPER FUN, super special, and very memorable!_ACM2369-Edit





McNay Family

I had the pleasure of capturing some special memories for a wonderful family.  This was my second time photographing this family and this last time I was reminded just how much fun this family is.  This sweet couple had told me that they shared their first kiss on a bridge, so I thought we would reenact kiss!  Only with 4 kids added to the foreground!  I had so much fun and I hope they had equally as much fun!

I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in just a year and added one more little bit to the bunch!

This is from our first session together!

_ACM7612-EditHere are the kids on our session just last week!

_ACM7597-EditAnd the whole family having fun!

_ACM7667-Edit _ACM7620-Edit _ACM7758-Edit _ACM7778-Edit _ACM7810-Edit _ACM8067-Edit _ACM8009-Edit-Edit _ACM7985-Edit _ACM7867-Edit _ACM7834-Edit



A Friend From Childhood

This is truly one special family in so many ways.  The inspire me, they “wow me”, they are just plain special!  I’ve known Taryn since we were in middle school.  Taryn has three beautiful children, WK is the oldest and she is just an angel.  She is growing up so fast and she is close to the same age as my oldest son.  Then she has P who is indeed a walking miracle at 8 years old.  He wasn’t supposed to live, doctors said he wouldn’t make it and if he did, he would never walk or talk.  Well, this little man has defied all odds and God has big things for P to do.  He is SO funny (he get’s it honest, his “Honey” grandma and his mom are both very funny ladies).  This little man P, is just precious and something so special to everyone he comes in contact with.   Pictures of him and his sister with the newest little man A will be coming soon.  I had some much needed friend time and baby time with Taryn and baby A as well as her hubby.  Talk about a beautiful baby!  Wow!  A is just so pretty.  Yes, he is a he, but he is indeed pretty.  We got to use some of Taryn’s toys that she had when she was a baby as well as her husband’s baby blanket.  This is definitely a very sentimental and sweet session.


_ACM8338-Edit _ACM8258-Edit _ACM8208-Edit-2 _ACM8151-Edit _ACM8098-Edit-Edit

Stay tuned!  Because coming soon will be pictures of big brother and big sister too!

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