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A Friend From Childhood. . .continued

I went back to capture those pictures of Wren Kinsey and Preston with their new baby brother Asher.  I love these kids, I love Taryn, I don’t know Rick very well, but I love him.  These people are truly precious. I’m not sure how Taryn does all that she does.  She is an inspiration.  She keeps a sense of humor (the one she’s always had like her Mommy has!)  Taryn has three beautiful children.  Wren Kinsey is just an angel.  She is beautiful, sweet, so very helpful, full of grace, spirit and spunk.  Preston wasn’t supposed to live.  Doctors all said he wouldn’t make it.  He was born with many many special needs and health issues.  He has defied all odds.  God has a special mission for this funny little dude.  He is walking, learning, communicating, writing his letters, and just growing by leaps and bounds.  This little guy has so much love, and is just precious!  Precious Preston!

That’s not all; Taryn also has a husband who suddenly became very ill.  Rick was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  His medications also cause him many side effects such as one that mimics dementia.  He has way too many hospital says for someone so young.  So, Taryn and Rick not only have a brand new baby boy, but also a special needs little boy and Rick is also now special needs t00.  Wren Kinsey is such a blessing as she is just a little mommy and does so much to help take care of her little brothers who she just adores.  With this family, the love is so strong,  you can feel the love, see the love, and not to forget the humor too!  I just love them!

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My dear friend Julie

So, last week I had the honor of being able to go over to my dear friend Julie’s house and capture some great family pictures with their newest addition, Naomi.  Julie is not only my good friend but she is also the very talented and God gifted photographer and owner of Urban Grace Photography.  I was almost feeling a wee bit intimidated about doing photo’s for a fellow friend AND photographer.   Julie’s house has AWESOME light for shooting inside and I just had SO much fun with them.  I LOVE how her pictures turned out and I know she will love them too.  You can just see and feel the love between this family.

Gosh, I love these people!_ACM7694-Edit _ACM7881-Edit _ACM7936-Edit-Edit _ACM7964-Edit _ACM7918-Edit _ACM7767-Edit-Edit _ACM7866-Edit.


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